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DSLR 1 Beginning Class

Saturday September 14, 2013
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Cost: $300
EMAIL ME to register.



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A common assumption is that modern digital SLRs are so advanced that they can’t take a bad picture. This is simply not true. Stunning photos are the result of a synthesis between the skills of the photographer behind the camera and the sophisticated circuits inside the camera. In order to capture these types of photos, you must take manual control of your camera so that you can tell it exactly what to do. And now, some good news: this isn’t hard to learn.

This course is designed to help you one on one to learn and understand the settings and contrls that will give you control of your images. We will also focus on the rules of photography: Rule of thirds, composition, how to make your images “pop” etc. These classes will be kept small and limited to the first 10 students that register.


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Here’s just a small sample of the DSLR techniques you’ll learn:



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  • How to take crystal-clear photos, even in dim light
  • How to capture fast action, even when it’s heading right for you
  • How to adjust your camera to get the right exposure every time
  • The most common cause of blurry photos, and how to avoid it
  • How to make your subject stand out from the background
  • How to tweak your camera’s settings to capture vivid, accurate colors
  • 7 composition techniques that will instantly improve your photos
  • The most common mistake made when you point-and-shoot…and how you can avoid it