Photography Classes

By popular demand, High Class Studios is now offering a “hands on” class to a limited number of students. Classes will be limited to 12 students per class and will be taught in 3 sections.


  • 1. Introduction to your camera and it’s settings. Learn about ISO, F-Stop and Shutter control, Lighting, Lenses and any other technical requirements.
  • 2. The fun part! Let’s go shoot with purpose. Hands on training as we go out on a fun field trip in different locations around town using the technical skills you’ve learned. Photograph in low light with and without flash, moving water “Flowing and Frozen”, composition and lighting, moving shots, special effects, nature, patterns and more!
  • 3. Showcase and discussion. Let’s all look objectively at your photos and be critiqued and given helpful tips to help make you photos more compelling. Compare your ideas and shots in a creative and fun learning environment!