Christina and Jerome – Family photography at Redrock

So excited today to share Christina and Jerome’s family photos. This was such a fun family and we really enjoyed photographing them. It was quite a beautiful day at Red Rock in Las Vegas. The sunset gave us a great opportunity to capture a warm loving bond between the couple. The family matching in the same earthy tons really brings out and lifts the back round setting. With little pops of each personality in their clothing really makes the family unique.

Family shoots are always a great way to make and capture memories! It gives each person in your family time to express themselves and have it captured and remember forever. These photos will also be fun to show off in the future when its time for them to go off on there own.

What a great way to have a piece of your heart memorialized, weather you make a family college or gift individual canvas prints to family members a little piece of love is always there.



Amanda and Mike’s maternity session

A huge shout out to Amanda and Mike for becoming mommy and daddy. We love when our couples come back to us like Amanda and Mike did, it wonderful when you not only get to be there for there wedding day but also get to be there for the other major milestones in ones life. We’re all about feeling like a family to you.

What better way to enjoy your family then include all of the members, even your dogs, who will grow up to be your children’s best friends.

We took Amanda and Mike to Mount Charleston for their maternity session. Mount Charleston is such a great place to take photos, its lush scenery and bright snow fall really help to give a natural light feel to your photos. Almost as if you are one with nature.  Noting bets finding the perfect hidden spot in between the trees to capture the perfect picture.

Cant wait to get the opportunity to photograph there beautiful baby. Congratulations to the both of you.


Jessie and Brian’s Holiday photo session

It is an absolute joy of ours to have friends and clients come in and share their ideas about there holiday christmas cards with us. Jessie, from Angle Park and her husband Brian came into the studio with there little farm friend to make their visions come to life. We’re very pet friendly here at high class so when we found out we were doing a country christmas shoot with a chicken we couldn’t have been more excited.

Its always fun to have your own visions come to life. This is one christmas card we will never forgot.

Merry Christmas Jessie and Brian and to all of you.