Amanda and Corey’s engagement session

Congratulations to Amanda and Corey on their engagement. Its great to take photos of a couple when you know that they are so in love. Brining and adding personal signs to your photos are a cute touch and really bring to life a meaning of a photo.

Tivoli Village in Las Vegas is such fun and different place to take your photos. With the feeling of being in actual small Italian town is a great way to get a destination shoot with out actually leaving the city.


We cannot wait for your wedding at the Secret Garden. All of the beautiful lights and green scenery will make for amazing photos.



Edith’s- boudoir

We are celebrating the beauty of being a woman today and are so happy to share these gorgeous images of Edith with everyone. Edith came to our studio at High Class Studios for a fun and sexy photoshoot as she was turning 30 and wanted to do something awesome to celebrate this event. Happy birth day Edith, You look amazing!


Crystal and Robert’s gorgeous wedding at Emerald at Queensridge

Crystal and Robert had such a beautiful wedding last weekend at Emerald at Queensridge. Thank you so much guys for having us capture your special day.

One very special thing about getting married at Emerald is the beautifully swaged white arches you walk under. With all the twinkly lights in the back round it sure does make for some of the most amazing photos.

Has newly married couples the cake cutting is the first domestic chore you do together, and with Crystals and Roberts cake being so beautiful it made the chore so much more fun.  We absolutely fell in love with there wedding cake. The bright blues and the intricate details on there blew everyone way, it was so stunning they didn’t even want to cut into it.

Its so sweet when couples take the time to surprise everyone with a choreographed first dance. Its such a treat to see the couples have fun and feel confident in there dance. It should does get your guest ready to get out of their seats and join you on the dance floor.

Congratulations and we wish you the best!


Natalie and Mark

How exciting it is to photograph the wedding of a Las Vegas celebrity. We met Natalie a couple years a go, as she is a performer in Las Vegas and we were so honored when she asked us to be her wedding photographer after she met the man of her dreams. Congratulations Natalie and Mark.


Janice and Jansen celebrating their wedding dat at the M-resort

We loved the incredible wedding of Janice and Jansen at the M-resort. This amazing couple have been dating for a long time, so everyone was super happy to attend their wedding and celebrate in their love and happiness. Congratulations Janice and Jansen. We love you.


Amanda and Tyler celebrating their love at the Secret Garden

Congratulations to Amanda and Tyler on their beautiful wedding day at the Secret Garden. This couple is so much in love and one of our favorite moments at their wedding was capturing Tyler’s reaction as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. What a stunning wedding!

One of our favorite things about Amanda and Tyler’s wedding was there ceremony.  The cord of three strands ceremony (often called “God’s Knot” or the Unity Braid Ceremony) symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship. It adds a truly unique element to your ceremony that friends and family will remember.

What a sweet and fun couple they were.

We wish you many years of happiness and blessings. <3